3 Major Ways You Can Use Raw Honey in the Kitchen

raw honey in bowl honeycomb
Taken by Pass the Honey via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

There are some things you have in a kitchen because they’re staples. Salt and pepper, flour, lemons, oil and vinegar—the list goes on. Depending on the sort of foods you like to eat and the snacks that get you through the day, your kitchen staples may look different than your neighbors’.

There is one staple that you should definitely have in your cupboards—honey. Not the pasteurized honey you can get from any grocery store, but the lovely raw honey that comes straight from the bees.

Learn the different ways you can use raw honey in the kitchen, below!

As a Substitute for Sugar

Raw honey is a wonderful thing in the baking world that not many people feel courageous enough to try. Since honey is twice as sweet as sugar, if you’re using raw honey as a substitute in a recipe, then you’ll need to use about half the amount of the honey. Here are some rules you’ll want to follow when substituting raw honey. You’ll have to experiment with recipes a bit, as honey will probably affect the texture—that said, those points should not deter you from using honey. It can add a wonderful depth to cookie recipes and can make that banana bread recipe explode in your mouth.

If you’re worried about experimenting on your own, there are a variety of recipes you can start out with. Look up recipes with raw honey, and you’ll be on your way to some tasty treats!

As a Flavor Enhancer While Cooking

You can also use raw honey in the kitchen while you’re cooking. Those sloppy joes that you got in the restaurant in NOLO? They probably got that sweet hint from raw honey. In fact, a lot of your favorite dishes could be enhanced or taste brand new simply with a bit of honey. You could also base your dish around the honey—honey-baked ham and honey-glazed chicken are just two of the multitude. Just keep in mind that, with raw honey, a little goes a long way—put too much in, and your dish will be overwhelmingly sweet. Aim for a gentle note of sweetness in your dishes, instead.

For Teas and Tonics

You can also take that jar of raw honey and use it for teas and tonics. In the simplest sense, you can add a dollop of honey to your tea or coffee for some additional sweetness. Better yet, put some cinnamon in your coffee along with the honey, and your sore throat will feel better in an instant. Or try honey and lemon in your tea when you’re not feeling the best. You can also make a honey-garlic lemonade—it doesn’t sound all that appetizing, but the tonic is a dream during cold and flu season. There are a ton of different tonic recipes to try—you just need to find the best fit for you.

Raw honey is a staple you should have in your kitchen. Grab a jar, keep it in your cabinet, and it’ll be your saving grace when you need something sweet, when your throat’s a little achy, or when you need more flavor. Its health benefits, its flavor, and its simplicity are just a few of the reasons you should have honey in the kitchen!

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