Warm and Tasty: The Best Honey and Tea Combinations

honey and tea combinations
Taken by Damir Spanic via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

Who doesn’t love a warm cup of tea on a cold winter day? When cold weather comes along, many households keep the kettle close at hand for whenever they need to fill a festive mug. Of course, everyone prepares their tea a little differently. Maybe you like to add milk, or maybe you’ve developed the perfect way to steep every variety you have in your cupboard.

A spoonful of honey also makes a wonderful and sweet addition to your cup, but you should consider your flavors carefully. After all, not all honey is created equally. Several factors create different flavors of honey, including the flowers from which bees forage and the processes that beekeepers put their product through. When you choose your flavor combinations carefully, you can pick a variety of honey that highlights the flavors of your tea beautifully.

Finding your new favorite drink might take some experimentation, but you can start by trying these best honey and tea combinations for a warm and delicious mug of tea.

Honey for Black Teas

People love black teas for their strong, dark flavors. If you want your honey to stand out in this brew, you’ll need a bold flavor to match. Some black teas, such as Earl Grey, have natural citrus tones that you can highlight with an orange blossom honey. Orange blossom honey works well to brighten and elevate the stronger flavors of black teas.

However, sometimes you want a strong cup of tea. If that’s the case, try a richer, more robust flavor of honey. Buckwheat, sourwood, thyme, or sage honey all add a bold complement to a cup of black tea.

Honey for Green Teas

Green tea is a milder tea that often has earthy or even grassy undertones. That means the natural honey combination for your favorite green tea would be anything with a floral taste. Wildflower honey is always a good option. If you want something more specific, you can use a lavender, clover, or alfalfa honey. You can also experiment with unique flavors, such as blueberry honey, to add a charming touch of something new to your cup. Just make sure you stick to milder flavors that won’t overpower the taste of the tea itself.

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Honey for White Teas

Speaking of milder flavors, that’s what you want to stick to when it comes to white teas. People enjoy white teas for their more delicate taste. As such, you need a lighter flavor of honey that won’t drown out the taste of the tea. Acacia honey, with its sweet and classic flavor, is a dependable choice. Alternatively, you can branch out with the complex but mild flavors of fireweed honey. As with green teas, you can also complement your tea with a light floral honey such as clover, alfalfa, or wildflower honey.

Make Your Own Creative Combinations

Of course, the best honey and tea combinations don’t stop there. A variety of different honey flavors can highlight or add to the taste of tea. Don’t be afraid to try new combinations and to get creative with your drinks. You can follow a few general rules of thumb, such as matching milder honeys with milder teas, to make sure you end up with a balanced cup. Alternatively, you can throw all the rules out the window and discover a unique blend that perfectly suits your taste buds. As long as you end up with a steaming mug between your hands, you can call it a success.

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