Best Road Trips for Foodies on the East Coast of the United States

For those passionate about trying new and delicious foods, the East Coast has tons to offer. Check out the best road trips for foodies on the East Coast.


True food fans know that exploring new flavors and tastes often goes hand-in-hand with experiencing new places and traveling.

One of the best ways to pack tons of new foods into a single trip is by taking a road trip with multiple stops.

Set out on a journey to new flavors with an East Coast road trip.

Check out the best road trips for foodies on the East Coast and discover destinations—and cuisines—you wouldn’t want to miss.

Portland, Maine

Portland Maine seafood shop is a great stop for foodies on an East Coast road trip
Seafood in Portland, Maine is top-notch. Taken by T. Jarrand via [Public Domain].

You may have heard tales about Maine lobster, but you haven’t truly experienced it until you’ve had a Maine lobster tail at a Portland clambake. A clambake involves steaming different types of shellfish, Maine potatoes, and an egg over many tiers of seaweed. The egg was originally added to see if the dish was ready—if the egg cooked over hard, the dish was ready to be eaten.

Take a trip up to Portland, Maine, to discover the bold, traditional seafood flavors for yourself. On your road trip, make sure to fill up your gas tank every chance you get—gas stations may be few and far between at some points along the road to Maine.

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Raleigh, North Carolina

A bit off the beaten path food-wise, Raleigh has a ton of rich cuisines to try out. It still boasts an East Coast vibe, but Raleigh adds in a flare of Southern tastes. Home to many comfort foods, Raleigh offers some of the best twists on the American staples.

Try the homecooked classic mac and cheese, check out some small BBQ stands around the city, and enjoy the unique flavor of the South meets East Coast. Raleigh is known for its rough roads, so be sure to brush up on the best tire shops in Raleigh in case you get a flat in one of North Carolina’s infamous potholes.

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Boston, Massachusetts

Head on over to Boston, Massachusetts, for a big bowl of “chowdah,” as the locals pronounce it. Boston is known for its unique New England-style clam chowder brimming with milk, potatoes, and clams and thickened with oyster crackers. This thick soup is sure to warm your stomach—and your heart. Accentuate the truly unique flavor of a bowl of Boston clam chowder with an accompanying lobster roll.

Whether you side with those who believe the lobster should be soaked in butter or soaked in mayonnaise, try both out and decide for yourself. On your road trip to Boston, be careful to pay close attention to your navigation system—Boston is known for its excessive traffic and difficult-to-navigate roadways.

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Brookfield, Connecticut

Along the road less traveled, head on out to Brookfield, Connecticut, a charming little suburb of New York City. It’s filled with delicious, traditional Connecticut foods.

Try out the famous clam pie while you’re in town. A delicious pizza with crispy thin crust and traditional Italian seasonings, this pie has an East Coast twist. Topped with plenty of cheese and clams, this pizza is sure to impress your taste buds.

While you’re in Brookfield, watch out for those aggressive city drivers and bumper-to-bumper rush hours. Try to plan your driving times around peak commute hours to save yourself a headache on your adventure.

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