5+ Super Easy, Super Helpful Organization Tips for Your Kitchen

With so many items in a kitchen, it can be impossible to find what you need. To avoid this issue, here are helpful organization tips for your kitchen.


Any kitchen can be a place of chaos if you aren’t prepared for it. Whether it’s for your kitchen at home or at a restaurant, it’s essential that you’re organized, so the time-sensitive work is efficient.

Super Helpful Organization Tips for Your Kitchen
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Here are some helpful organization tips for your kitchen, so cooking doesn’t become too stressful.

Label Shelves

The best thing you can do for yourself is to label as much as you can in a kitchen. This doesn’t mean having tacky labels on cabinets, but you might want to consider labeling shelves with the items that are supposed to be on there. This allows people who are not as familiar with your kitchen to place items in the correct spot. Labeling shelves is a common inventory technique for many restaurants that will also help you easily go figure out what items you need. 

Create Designated Spots for Items

In addition to organizing shelves, you should also have a designated spot for all your kitchen tools and utensils. This means having a specific spot for spices, machinery, cups, utensils, plates, containers, pots, and pans. This will make your work in the kitchen far more efficient when you know where the items that you need are. Try to ensure that the space you place these items in is appropriate, too. For instance, reserve the bigger cabinets for machinery and containers.

Use Drawer Organizers

Another great method you can use is a drawer organizer. This is essential for keeping all your utensils in place instead of simply piling them in a drawer.  A drawer organizer can also be used for the various cutting knives you own. Never underestimate how useful a drawer organizer is for your kitchen’s sense of order.

Clean Out Your Refrigerator and Freezer

The best way to stay on top of your own personal inventory and avoid any spoiled food is to regularly go through and clean out your refrigerator and freezer. This is also an effective method for reorganizing the shelves in your kitchen and placing items where they should go.

Utilize Containers

Many containers tend to take up ample space when they’re stored. They can often be awkward and bulky. This is why you should take advantage of food storage containers. This way, you can stack containers if you do need more space instead of dividing up where items are stored.

Use Hooks

For frequently used items, consider using hooks. Not only does this make items like a spatula easily accessible, it also means fewer items you have to stuff in drawers. Use your kitchen’s walls to your advantage by putting up hooks for utensils. It’s one of the best ways to utilize your limited space.

Have Cleaning Supplies Easily Accessible

Our last helpful organization tip for your kitchen also has to do with keeping items easily accessible, more specifically with your cleaning supplies. Keeping a kitchen clean is one of the highest priorities you should have a rack for clean towels, paper towels, a spot for soap, and more.


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