6 of the Best Italian Wedding Desserts To Try for Your Next Celebration

tiramisu in glass Italian wedding desserts
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For a genuinely lavish Italian wedding, an array of desserts can make your reception feel decadent. Italian tradition focuses on bringing family together through food, and a special occasion calls for all the favorite foods to be present.

Check out these top Italian wedding desserts to try for your special day!


Tiramisu is a distinctly Italian dessert that translates to “cheer me up.” Somewhere between a cake and parfait, tiramisu is a creamy, layered dish with an intense coffee flavor. The base is shortbread cookies, called ladyfingers or Savoiardi, soaked in espresso. The dish then layers the ladyfingers with a heavenly cream made from egg yolks, sugar, and mascarpone cheese.

Even though this sounds like a heavy dessert, a well-made tiramisu is light and airy. You can serve it in slices or individual servings for a smaller bite. Some local bakers may even offer a tiramisu wedding cake.

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Millefoglie Wedding Cake

If you’re searching for a traditional Italian wedding cake, a millefoglie consists of layered pastry dough and cream. Millefoglie translates to “a thousand leaves,” referring to the piped cream on each of the three layers. The top layer is typically adorned with a chocolate drizzle, berries, and even sliced almonds. Millefoglie is a popular cake for weddings and will be the centerpiece of your dessert table.

Jordan Almonds

Even though Jordan almonds are often party favors, they are a mainstay of any traditional Italian wedding and shouldn’t be absent from an Italian dessert table. Packaged in decorative bags or boxes, Jordan almonds are covered in a sweet outer shell; the sweetness symbolizes the couple’s hope of a beautiful life to counteract the bitterness of life, represented by the almonds.

They come in sets of five, representing five wishes for the newlyweds: wealth, happiness, health, fertility, and longevity.

Torta Della Nonna

Translated as “grandmother’s cake,” torta della nonna is from Tuscany and is one of the most famous Italian desserts. Like a tart, this is a sweet pastry filled with lemon and vanilla custard filling and then topped with pine nuts and sugar.

Torta della nonna is a classic dessert that will appeal to every guest. Again, you can serve it in slices or as tiny tarts.

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Gelato is a welcome sweet treat on any occasion! A gelato station can allow you to pick flavors that complement your wedding colors or are the couple’s favorites. Originating in Florence, gelato differs from ice cream for several reasons: the fat content is lower, and gelato is served several degrees warmer—making the flavors more intense and memorable.

When you’re looking for a gelato supplier with the best quality, check if their product is labeled ”artigianale” to ensure they use traditional recipes and methods. To stay traditional, make sure to include Stracciatella and hazelnut among your gelato flavors.


Cannoli is a popular Italian dessert that comes from Sicily, Italy. Pastry dough is shaped into shells. Only minutes before serving, the shell is filled with a cream made from sheep ricotta cheese and sugar. The dessert is then topped with chocolate shavings. An authentic cannoli is only filled right before serving to ensure the shell remains crisp to contrast the soft cream.

Your wedding is sure to be a memorable experience with any of these top Italian wedding desserts!

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