4 Common Mistakes That Ruin Moscow Mules

Moscow mule in cold mug
Taken by W. Dharma via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

Many believe there isn’t an alcoholic beverage out there that’s quite as refreshing as a cold Moscow mule. But while the Moscow mule is delicious, it’s especially specific in its recipe. Fans of the Moscow mule also tend to be very unforgiving when bartenders can’t seem to get it right. It’s a relatively simple cocktail in nature, but a few wrong moves ensure it’ll taste less than pleasant.

We want you to get a fat tip or endless compliments instead of an awkward stare the next time you make one. So, that’s why we wanted to compile the most common mistakes that ruin Moscow mules.

Mistake #1: Not Using an Authentic Copper Mug

The copper mug is synonymous with the Moscow mule, and it’s the only glass you can use. If you fail to put a Moscow Mule in a copper mug, you can expect it to come right back to you. There are a few reasons why the proper copper drinkware is essential. While it won’t necessarily affect the taste—although some drinkers would swear otherwise—it will:

  • Greatly enhance the presentation.
  • Provides copper intake for the body, which has health benefits.
  • Keep the Moscow mule nice and cool longer than other glasses can.

Because of these reasons, it’s imperative that you put every Moscow mule in a good copper mug.

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Mistake #2: Not Using Enough Ice

If you’re a bartender, you’re probably used to customers complaining about too much ice in their drink. It’s a common complaint due to the belief that you’re using ice in place of more alcohol. However, the one drink you won’t receive that complaint with is the Moscow mule.

In fact, you’re likely to receive more sass if you don’t include enough ice. Moscow mules are best-served ice cold; the temperature is part of the appeal and the refreshing nature of the drink. The ice also serves to slightly dilute the drink to make it smoother and easier to drink.

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Mistake #3: Making The Moscow Mule Too Strong

Of course, you also don’t want the liquor to overpower the other ingredients in the drink. Moscow mules are the most appetizing when they’re perfectly balanced. A strong alcohol taste will catch people off guard and keep them from finishing their beverage. It’s always better to add the liquor one shot at a time instead of pouring a ton in all at once. This technique will undoubtedly keep you from accidentally including too much alcohol.

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Mistake #4: Not Using the Right Garnish

Just like the copper mug, the garnish is critical when whipping up a Moscow mule. Devoted fans of the drink won’t even consider consuming it without the proper garnish. For Moscow mules, you should garnish every drink with a lime and a mint leaf. These two ingredients are critical for delivering the right flavor for the Moscow mule. The drink should have a nice bite from the ginger beer followed by the lime and mint flavor.

So, there you have it—those are by far the most common mistakes that ruin Moscow mules. Remember, always use a copper mug, use plenty of ice, and garnish each drink with lime and mint leaf. As long as you follow these crucial steps, you’ll please even the pickiest Moscow Mule drinker.

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