6 of the Best Places to Find Street Food Around the World

Some of the world's freshest flavors come straight from the streets. Read our guide on some of the best places to find street food in the world.


Even mere images of street food are often enough to evoke scents and flavors rich enough to make our mouths water.

A litany of places around the world have roads lined with street food vendors advertising their fare. This subset of food culture is one that has been around for centuries, with dishes that have been passed through generations by word of mouth.

For anyone with an adventurous palate, we present a tour of the best places to find street food around the world.

noodles being fried in pan in Asia
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Here are the best places to find street food around the world:

1. Bangkok

Bangkok is touted by many as home to the world’s best street food, so it’s only natural that it tops our list. This food is convenient, affordable, and, most importantly, delicious. Some of the food stalls may seem unassuming, but don’t let appearances fool you. Bangkok has earned its crown for a reason, and it’s sure to keep it.

What to try: For a popular local dish, try some pad thai or rice porridge complete with pork balls and a raw egg.

2. Ho Chi Minh City

Many vendors here in Ho Chi Minh City focus their talents on one dish, meaning that their recipes have been refined to perfection. Some stalls will even cook the food in front of you, ensuring freshness and efficiency.

What to try: Anyone new to the area can’t go wrong with a hearty serving of pho. Pair it with some fresh spring rolls on the side.

3. Cairo

The authentic dishes on these streets of Cairo will make you envy the locals who get to partake in these meals daily. You may find a lot of food made with ingredients such as rice, chickpeas, lentil, and fava beans.

What to try: Ask locals where to find the best fuul (a type of Egyptian fava bean stew), and don’t forget to pick up a selection of kebabs. Cairo also has an abundant supply of tea you certainly won’t want to miss.

4. Mumbai

Mumbai is rich in savory foods and colorful desserts. Their dishes are a mixture of textures and flavors, and they’re as pretty as they are tasty. Here you’re likely to find irresistible combinations of fresh breads and vegetables.

What to try: You can’t go wrong with a generous helping of vada pav (a fried potato dumpling stuffed into a bun) or a cup of falooda (a smoothie of sorts) for dessert.

5. New Orleans

New Orleans is known for being the home of Mardi Gras. The city’s food is just as loud as its celebrations; Creole and Cajun are particularly well-known cuisines. Visitors eat, dance, and then eat some more.

What to try: Po’ boys, of course, cannot be passed up. You’ll want to indulge in crawfish and shrimp, of course, since New Orleans offers seafood at its finest. Eat your fill, but save a little room for a fresh beignet (deep-fried choux pastry similar to an English fritter).

6. Singapore

If your palate is diverse, you’ll love everything Singapore has to offer. Its streets are packed with a conglomeration of Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian classics. Chicken and rice are in ample supply here, serving as the base for many meals.

What to try: Laksa is a dish packed with ingredients such as bean sprouts, fish cakes, and coconut milk, among other things. Visitors may also want to sample some of the city’s many curry dishes.

So, what did you think? Do you have a craving to try any of these now? Have any more to add to this list? Let’s chat below here in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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