Top Techniques for Cooking Meat Perfectly Each and Every Time

perfectly cooked steak techniques for cooking meat perfectly
Taken by José Ignacio Pompé via [Public Domain].

There’s nothing like the savory taste of meat cooked just right—not too rare, not too overdone, not too cold. Meat requires the right timing, cut, technique, and temperature to be its absolute best.

Unlike our ancestors, who simply cooked over an open fire, there’s no one way we must cook meat in modern times. The options are plentiful, and recipes are limitless. Thus, you should know the top ways to cook any type of meat—beef, pork, or chicken. You can cook meat in dry heat or moist heat using methods best suited for its composition.

Choose a technique that reduces moisture loss while also enhancing flavor and tenderness. Start by choosing the right cut, the right meat for the task, and the primary cooking method to create a meal sure to be a hit.

Need some ideas?

Here are the top techniques for cooking meat perfectly:

Bake it, Braise it, Roast it

You can bake, braise, or roast meat in the oven using dry heat. It’s not always the most popular option, but the oven is simple and effective for everyday cooking. Cover your meat as you bake it—chicken is the popular choice for easy dinners. To braise meat, brown the meat first and then cover it in liquid on low heat in the oven. Pork and briskets are well-known candidates for braising.

Roasting is a method many people use for large cuts of meat. It uses a higher temperature and dry heat to cook the meat evenly on all sides. Beef or whole birds roasted in the oven are traditional holiday affairs. Remember that you’ll need to watch your temperatures and cooking times any time you use an oven.

Throw It (Tenderly) on the Grill

Everybody loves to grill—but not everyone has the patience and skill to execute it. It requires care and consideration. Grilled meat is quick to burn, even if you walk away for a quick second. Get to know your grill the same way you get to know your oven—not with deep intimacy but, at least, with some familiarity. You’ll become attuned and well-versed in how to work the grill to your benefit.

Grilling is definitely one of the top techniques for cooking meat perfectly.Handle your meat with care, and it will reward you with incredible flavor. Don’t stab your meat when flipping it over on a grill—whether it’s sausage, hot dogs, burgers, sirloin, or chicken. Limit the flipping, be gentle with the tongs, and let your meat rest a few minutes before serving.

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Sauté or Stir-fry it

The stovetop offers a quicker cooking method—consider pan-sauteing or pan-frying in higher heat. Sauteing and frying are perfect for creating crisp, flavorful meat, such as chicken or beef sirloins and tenderloins, using cooking oils and marinades. Cut up meat if for sauteing, or you can fry whole-pieced chicken breast, pork chops, or thinner steaks. If you’re looking to cook thicker steaks, try pan-searing instead.

Give the Multi-cooker a Chance

The combined slow-cooker and pressure-cooker craze has been ongoing for over a decade now. Cooking delicious foods in a shorter timeframe is the primary reason for their increasing popularity.

You can prepare any meat perfectly in a multi-cooker. You can even instant-pot Wagyu beef, the famous gourmet Japanese-originated beef. Utilize a multi-cooker to the benefit of the meat you need for a recipe. Consider changing up your cooking techniques to impress everyone sitting at your dinner table tonight.

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