The Most Unique Restaurants to Travel to in the United States

gourmet meal at unique restaurant in the US
Taken by Jay Wennington via [Public Domain].

Extreme foodies know that sometimes the dining experience is just as important as the meal. From big cities such as Las Vegas to small-town Arizona, unique dining locations are all over the U.S., providing great food in one-of-a-kind settings.

While COVID-19 has greatly affected travel and dining experiences, there will come a day when we can experience these exceptional restaurants in their full glory again.

When that day comes, prepare to book your plane ticket, plan a road trip, or take a drive into the city to try out the most unique restaurants to travel to in the U.S.  

Cavern Grotto  

Located in Peach Springs, Arizona, Cavern Grotto is an underground restaurant that requires an elevator descent 21 stories beneath the Earth’s surface and that gives a full 360-degree view of Arizona’s Grand Canyon Caverns. Caverns Grotto accommodates only 16 guests at a time, making it a quaint experience where you can truly enjoy the views as you eat a traditional American-style meal. The restaurant is even located under Route 66, making it a historic location to visit as well.    

Dinner in the Sky  

Las Vegas is home to one of the most unique restaurants to travel to in the U.S., especially for thrill-seeking foodies. Dinner in the Sky features two 22-foot-long dinner tables, which are raised 180 feet in the air to make you feel like you’re flying above the city of Las Vegas. Professional staff will join you up above the skyline to provide an exquisite four-star meal.

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Aquarium Restaurant  

There are multiple Aquarium Restaurants located around the U.S. Denver, Colorado; Nashville, Tennessee; and Houston and Kumah, Texas, all host Aquarium Restaurants, where dining tables are surrounded by aquarium tank walls filled with exotic fish. The floor-to-ceiling aquarium tanks make you feel like you’re floating in the ocean alongside the aquatic creatures. The menu heavily favors seafood, but don’t worry—your meal won’t be coming from inside the tanks.  

Dinner in the Dark  

Abigail’s Kitchen in New York City gives guests the chance to test their palates with a completely blindfolded dining experience. Guests will receive four-course meals after receiving a blindfold at the door with a completely secret menu that won’t be revealed until after the meal has concluded. Fearlessly try new flavors and dishes, and rely on your other senses to guess what each one might be.

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Trinity Place  

Another New York City dining experience with a unique twist is Trinity Place. Trinity Place is located inside a Wall Street bank vault. History buffs can transport themselves back in time when they enter the vault, which was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie. Trinity Place’s elegant dining room offers traditional Irish dishes with modern twists.

The Rim at Volcano House  

If you’re looking for a tropical travel destination to experience fine dining like never before, try The Rim, located in the Volcano House hotel in Hawaii National Park. The hotel is Hawaii’s oldest and features the active volcano Kīlauea and the Halema’uma’u Crater in the background of The Rim’s dining room. The Rim also uses ingredients from local farms to curate fresh island dishes.

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The desire to travel the world for the best cuisine isn’t uncommon for food-lovers. The US is home to some of the most unique dining experiences worth venturing to, from the inside of a cave in Arizona to Hawaii’s volcanoes. 


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